Push notifications can be profitable for website owners. As far as income from monetizing sites is concerned, the situation is only getting better every year.

1. What is Push Notification?

Push notifications earning starts with push traffic. In order to offer push notifications, the network must first collect a subscriber base –  people who agree to receive such advertising or news.

If you notice, many websites when you visit on some browsers such as Chrome or Firefox will show a small message at the top left corner of the browser as follows:

When the reader clicks Allow, it means that the device has become a subscriber of the website, and the site owner can send Push Notifications to that device at any time.

These push notifications include a headline, a small piece of text just below, a square icon image, and a large photo. When a user clicks on any location of the ad, it leads to the destination link of the advertising.

2. Where does the website’s revenue come from?

There are 2 forms for website owners to cooperate with Pushtimize to get revenue:

  • Get revenue from selling subscribers to Pushtimize (one-time payment).

In the form of selling subscribers to Pushtimize, for every 1000 subscribers, website owners will receive the highest commission in the market. The commission will vary based on the device and GEO of the traffic, the characteristics of the customer base that visits the website, and the number of subscribers you can provide each day.

  • Get revenue sharing from subscribers who click on ads (rev-share).

With the remaining form of receiving revenue sharing from subscribers who click on ads, you will receive revenue which is calculated by CPC and receive it for life. Pushtimize is also an advertising platform for advertisers to participate in advertising auctions to send push notifications to subscribers.

If you choose to monetize with this form when subscribers see attractive and relevant ads being pushed to the device, they click on the ad, then you get a revenue share from each click.

3. Advantages of this form of monetization with Pushtimize

  • It doesn’t affect SEO.

This is probably the most important advantage of SEO. The message that appears asking if the user wants to receive notifications is a feature of the browser that does not affect the content of the website affecting SEO.

  • It doesn’t affect other ad networks.

This is also another important advantage for website owners. The form of monetization with Pushtimize does not affect the ad placements of other ad networks that the site is partnering with (even Google Adsense).

  • Many forms of cooperation with Pushtimize

This helps website owners choose what form of monetization (one-time payment or rev-share) to bring the highest revenue to the website in line with existing traffic.

  • Native Push relies on the browser’s Push Notification feature to send news and/or ads to users. Users will receive news/ads in the Notifications section when the device has an internet connection. As a result, news and advertising are easily distributed to users more proactively.
  • In-page push is a format similar to app notification, which is displayed in the corner of the website. This form of advertising only appears when the user visits the website.
  • Native Ads is an ad format that allows ad images to be blended naturally with the content of the website in the specified locations.
  • Pushtimize Automated Banner Ads System is the first automatic banner ad delivery system in Vietnam. Images are displayed flexibly, REAL-TIME on websites with a variety of content, sizes, and locations. The system allows banners to be displayed as animations or still images.

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